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Tanja and George are founders of the Sea World Scuba Diving Center Kos. Their story is a love one – love toward the sea, environment, people and exploration. Their first meeting was in an underwater world and they knew from that moment that they should spread this love to others. With a mix of academic background and more than 25 years of experience, they see their job as an expiring task in a challenging world of climate change, sea-level rise and water pollution. Beside teaching scuba diving as a sport, they feel responsible for educating students to live in harmony with the ocean and giving examples of responsible divers. After 17 years of his first scuba diving center on Lesvos Island – Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Center, George, together with Tanja, decided to make a step further. They decided to join Sea World Diving Centers’ chain. This is how Sea World Scuba Diving Center Kos saw the light of the summer sun. After just 2 years of operation they received 129 of 5 start reviews and just 1 with 4 stars on TripAdvisor, which are proof of professionalism of the staff and proper management. They feel blessed that people recognize their effort of bringing the best possible service for them.   



Why Choose Us


Our instructors’ joint experience exceeds 20 years during which they have certified more than 2000 people and have provided more than 10000 fun dives for clients. On the other hand we have young instructors who are also joining our dive center, bringing in new energy especially with children.


We are lucky to be placed along with the Ikos Aria Resort on the beach of Kefalos, in front of stunning island of St. Stefanos. Our base is merely 30 m from the sea, and artistic reefs are in close vicinity. Visibility of the water exceeds  25m and the temperature is between 20 – 26 ºC from April – October.  


Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus, all manufactured in 2019 and ScubaPro labeled. Our boat is an ASSO 7.5M rigid inflatable boat (RIB) specially tailored for divers’ needs, can accommodate 12 divers with equipment. Being in full compliance with all international safety requirements both, boat and equipment, are serviced periodically and always maintained in excellent condition. 


Who We are



Founder and IDC Staff Instructor

George knew from an early age that his life would be closely involved with the sea. Despite social pressure to study Agriculture, he stuck with his inner feeling, and acquired his instructor certification in 1995 and has been close to the water since. He has worked in many places in Greece (Corfu, Kefalonia, Athens) and abroad (South Africa, Holland), and as a diver trainer at the Dive School of Kalymnos for commercial divers. He also was a manager for the Archaeological Diving team for the Greek Ministry of Culture and has worked as a professional Lifeguard for five years as well as being a lifeguard instructor..

He is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a 3* CMAS Instructor, and an EFR Instructor Trainer, with different specialties that he can instructor as well..

He is the owner of a diving center on Lesvos island from 2002 and 2019 he decided to open another one in Kos. 



Office Manager and OWS Instructor

Tanja is engaged in the administration, logistics and marketing part of Sea World Diving Center Kos.

She finished her Masters in Environmental Science and worked at the University, ISO Certification offices and Mining Industry. After her first scuba diving experience, she knew that diving needed to be part of her life. She became a diving instructor and joined the diving team with George and Dimitris. Besides scuba diving she is involved in the Marine Park project at Lesvos Island as an environmentalist contributing the whole teams effort to protect the sea from over-fishing in Lesvos Island.

Her goal is to contribute to the conservation and protection of marine and terrestrial environments through scuba diving and sustainable tourism.

EMILIO Brian Quechen

EMILIO Brian Quechen

Head Manager and OWS Instructor

My passion for diving began 7 years ago when I resolved to quit my comfortable “9 to 17” job and decide to travel to South East Asia. Not knowing it would be a one-way ticket!
Since then, I have been traveling, around the globe, while teaching courses in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.



OWS Instructor

My passion for diving began 7 years ago when I resolved to quit my comfortable “9 to 17” job and decide to travel to South East Asia. Not knowing it would be a one-way ticket!
Since then, I have been traveling, around the globe, while teaching courses in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.



OWS Instructor

As a child and teenager growing up in one of the most cosmopolitan and busiest capital in Europe, for me the best time of the year was always when the summer holidays were around the corner, the best and most exciting times because every year without failing I was lucky enough to travel and spend two full months by the shores of the Atlantic ocean in Portugal, where the sound of the waves was music to my ears, the power of the tides was energy for my body and mind and naturally made me fall in love with the seas and whole nature.
By the ocean, I did it all! spending countless hours playing in waves and sand, from snorkeling, swimming, bodyboarding, surfing, camping, endless walks with my feet in the Asiawater and so much more.
In my adulthood the corporate world took the best of me until 2015 when during a trip to southeast Asia I tried for the first time scuba diving, that was the moment when I went back to being in balance with myself, that’s when I took “the” deep dive in what is now my life path, living passion and a new career as a master scuba diver trainer in the amazing unmatchable underwater world of our beautiful blue planet.
Since then I just want to live my passion and to transmit my love for the oceans to everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services exclusively for Ikos Aria visitors?

Everyone is welcome to join us in any of our activities.

The vast Ocean unite us all!


Yes, there is.

If you are wondering about your kid, then 8 is the magic number.

Bubblemaker program is a great way to experience a whole new world of endless magic!

Considering the upper limit, there is no such thing if you are fit enough!

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for more infos!


Every potential diver (certified or non-certified) must complete a medical questionnaire to verify that he or she may participate with safety in any scuba diving activity.

After completing that, you are done with the formalities from your side!

Our competent personnel will provide you with anything needed for fun to start!

If you are curious about the medical questionnaire, feel free to contact us

How and when can i book my dive?

   We provide you different ways to contact us!

Feel free to send us a direct message in messenger by clicking the widget on the bottom-right, call or text us on whatapp +30 698 888 1810 or email us office@seaworldkos.gr

If you are already in the beautiful island of Kos, you can find us in our premises from 09:00 to 18:30 every day from the 15th of April till the 1st of November.


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