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Any certified diver may participate in a Fun Dive, either from the shore or by boat.
Water conditions are ideal for a cozy and enjoyable experience, since temperature varies from 21oC to 27oC, surface is calm, and visibility may exceed 25m


Description Duration Minimum divers Prices with our equipment (€) Prices with your equipment* (€)

1 dive (local**)

3 hours 2 divers 70 60
2 dives (local) 5 hours 2 divers



4 dives (local)

2 days 2 divers 240 200
Safari – Strogili and Nisyros*** (2 dives) 6 hours 3 divers


Night dive with a boat 3 hours 3 divers 70


Night dive from shore 3 hours 2 divers 70


Check dive 3 hours 2 divers 70


Scuba Review**** 4 hours 1 diver 120


ReActivate***** 1-2 days 1 diver 260


* Your equipment – wet suit, fins, BCD, regulator, mask and snorkel

** Dives (local) – within 15 minutes by boat from our base

*** Dives safari – within 30 minutes by boat from our base

**** Scuba Review – a special program for certified divers who want a thorough refreshment of their skills and scuba knowledge.
Can be tailored to each diver’s needs and performed individually.   

*****ReActivate – this program concerns certified divers who have been inactive for a long period and want to update their scuba skills and their knowledge in diving theory.
Price includes: PADI digital material, 1 confined water dive or 1 open water dive, PADI fee and card.
Can be performed individually.


By completing one of the following courses, you will be certified to dive for a lifetime and everywhere in the world. On the other hand, enrollment in the programs gives you the opportunity to dive for a limited period after which you need to renew your knowledge and skills. 

PADI Courses and programs for beginners


Programs Duration Prices (€)

Bubblemaker (8-9 years old)

2 hours

60  –  swimming pool

80  –  sea

Discover Scuba Diving 3 hours

90  –  swimming pool

110  –  sea

Discover Scuba Diving – second dive** 3 hours

70  – sea

Courses Duration Prices (€)

Seal Team (8-9 years old)

3 – 5 days 370*

Scuba Diver

2 – 3 days 390*
Scuba Diver Upgrade*** 1 – 2 days


Open Water Diver (and Junior Open Water Diver for children from 10 – 14 years) 3 – 5 days

520* (class of 1 person)

490* (class of 2 p)

470* (class of 3 – 5 p)

Open Water Referral*** 3 – 5 days 420
ReActivate 1 – 2 days 260*


*Prices include:

  • Digital or paper version of PADI learning material
  • PADI certification fee
  • Diving equipment

** Discover Scuba Diving second dive minimum number of participants: 2.

*** For the Scuba Diver Upgrade & Open Water Referral Courses, you will need to bring with you the PADI materials used on your Scuba Diver Course or first part of your Open Water Course. For Referral, participants need to have digital or paper version of PADI materials including certification fee. Price includes all Confined Water sessions and Open Water dives, equipment and boat.   

Note: It is required to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure that you are able to participate in scuba diving activities


PADI Continuing Education


Advanced Level Courses Duration Price* (€)
Adventure Diver 2 days 300
Advanced Open Water Course (and Junior Advanced Open Water Course for children from 12 – 14 years) 2 – 3 days

400 (class of 1 person)

370 (class of 2 p)

350 (class of 3 – 5 p)

EFR Course (CPR, First Aid, Care for Children) 2 days 200
Rescue Course (and Junior Rescue Course for children from 12 – 14 years)** 3 days 460
Divemaster Course 2-4 weeks 680
Package Open Water + Advanced 5  days 790
Package EFR + Rescue 5 days 490
Enriched Air Specialty (Nitrox) combined with any other course 1 + days 150
AOW Diver + Enriched Air Diver 3 – 4 days 450


*Prices include:

      • Digital or paper version of PADI training material
      • PADI certification fee
      • Diving equipment
    • Note: The price for Divemaster course does not include educational materials (Divemaster manual or Divemaster clew pack) and PADI membership certification fee.

** Rescue Diver course minimum number of participants: 2. 

Note: It is required to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure that you are able to participate in scuba diving activities.


PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Courses Duration Price* (€)
Boat Diver 1 day 200
Deep Diver 2 – 4 days 400
Enriched Air Diver 1 day (theory only) 250
Night Diver** 3 days 300
Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Diver**  1 day 150
Peak Performance Buoyancy 1 day 200
Search & Recovery Diver 2 days 300
Digital Underwater Photographer 1 day 250

*Prices include:

  • Digital or paper version of PADI learning material
  • PADI certification fee
  • Diving equipment

** For these specialties, a minimum of 2 divers is required. 

Note: It is required to complete a medical questionnaire to ensure that you are able to participate in scuba diving activities


In a 3-hour private tour, your exclusive captain will guide you through several points of interest of the southwest coastline of Kos and may also customize the itinerary based on your personal preference.
Seize your chance to explore marvelous spots with crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Private boat trips


Duration Price *(€)
Private boat trip 3 hours 400

* Price includes captain/guide, snorkeling equipment, snack, and refreshment.
The initial price is referred to maximum 7 participants.
Boat’s maximum capacity is 12 people, additional passengers will be charged accordingly.



As a HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) instructors, we are able to offer you or your family member a scuba for people with disabilities. Additionally, you can become a scuba buddy for your disabled family member or friend. 

HSA Courses for people with disabilities

Duration Prices* (€)

Try Dive in the pool (max 30 min water part)

Try Dive in the sea (max 30 min water part)

1 hour 



Dive Buddy (for able-person – family member or friend) 2 – 3 days


Open Water Diver

5 – 7 days 520


*Prices include:

  • Digital or paper version of HSA learning material
  • Certification fee
  • Diving equipment.

Note: Any course for a person with disabilities needs to be announced one month before. Send as mail or message with your request. 

Note: Medical approval from doctor needs to be no older than 1 month.

Note: Prices for the courses and digital books are applicable only if you make a purchase through our dive center. 


We are offering Scubapro snorkeling and scuba diving equipment.
Our equipment is subjected to annual services following strictly makers’ instructions and recommendations.
We highly recommend you to explore the area around Kastri islet, an underwater reef with impressive rocky formations, just in front of our base.          

Equipment rental


Equipment rental Duration Price *(€)
Mask, Snorkel & Fins 3 hours 20
Mask, Snorkel, Fins & Wet suit 3 hours 30


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